The Dust Deputy Dust Extractor

The folks over at Dust Deputy Dust Extractor.

The folks over at Dust Deputy Dust Extractor have noted some of the woods that are most dangerous to work with- some of them include Oak, Oleander, Western red Cedar, Greenheart, Ebony, Teak and Yew. It's crucial to note that Dust Deputy Dust Extractor will not replace personal protective equipment- it is just a supplement to it.

These contaminants can cause all sorts of health issues including dermatitis, asthma, silicosis and rhinitis While our bodies are designed to prevent dangerous contaminants from entering it, using mucus in your nose and nasal passages, as well as fine hairs, very fine particulate dust can still access your lungs, overcoming your body's natural defenses.

One buyer wondered whether this Dust Deputy Dust Extractor could be used as a blower, utilizing an air outlet hose- reviewers told us that this was not possible with this particular model.

Dust Deputy Dust Extractor

One professional carpenter used lot of Dust Deputy Dust Extractor who frequently works on carpets and cabinets says that it is a low volume option that's relatively inexpensive, easy to move around because of how lightweight it is, though other Dust Deputy Dust Extractor buyers have also criticized the hose for being too long and a bit too stiff for their purposes. A more troubling concern is that the auto start stop malfunctioned for several buyers- so there are some quality control of Dust Deputy Dust Extractor concerns that you should be aware of.

Using BonnewTools Dust Deputy Dust Extractor

The BonnewTools Dust Deputy Dust Extractor we examined is the Fein- it includes an integrated storage compartment for the cord which measures 18 feet. It is a wet dry vacuum that has a 1,100 W motor design to integrate with power tools to suck and bONNEWtOOLS Dust Deputy Dust Extractor and keep work area is clean.

The BonnewTools Dust Deputy Dust Extractor features a 5.8-gallon container with its 13-foot hose providing ample reach, the manufacturer says. As well, it weighs under 18 pounds and is built to be a relatively compact and miniature option with 360° rotating wheels for enhanced maneuverability.

he BonnewTools Dust Deputy Dust Extractor we examined is manufactured by BonnewTools . This is a wet and dry combo Dust Deputy Dust Extractor with tool triggered technology and ships with a 11 1/2 foot hose that is pretty flexible and kink resistant so that it can easily fold into the top of the unit for transportation.


It's pretty simple to use- a dial helps modify the variable suction force and the self-cleaning filter bag has a collapsible design which helps eliminate the problem of dust caking between cycles. Besides helping to eliminate dangerous dust particles from the air, BonnewTools advertises this Dust Deputy Dust Extractor as a timesaver- you no longer have to clean up your workspace because it's coated in an inch of sawdust.

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