what we feathered is our Dust extractor System

The feathered Dust extractor System

The feathered edges of the old varnish coating are grind, using a double-action eccentric mill with the entire place of the mill treating the feathered edges of the old paint.

Operation points: start the dust extractor after touching the paint surface, control the center of the dust extractor tray to move along the edge of the old paint, and adjust the center of gravity of the dust extractor to the outside. The new parts are grinded and milled, and a double-action eccentric mill is used to treat the paint, and the intermediate cushion is added appropriately.

The Small Change

Putty fine grinding and ash edge treatment:using double action eccentric mill and intermediate cushion operation points.Start the dust extractor again after the dust extractor contacts the putty, moving along the contour shape, gently press the dust extractor, pay attention to the sand mark status shown by the toner, it is not obvious.

The key points

Key points for using double action mill and intermediate soft bottom, After contacting the paint surface,start the mill again.Moving along the contour shape, the light press mill.

Manually dust extractor defects operation points, using dust extractor sandpaper contact paint defects.

To ensure performance, verify that any engineer controls (accessory-components used with the dust collector/vacuum such as dust shrouds, dust collector attachments, connectors) are used per manufacturer instructions, and are securely attached to a compliant dust collector.

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