Durable Dust Collectors maintenance instructions

Durable Dust Collectors maintenance instructions

The mobile Dust Collector units are built with integral diesel-driven blowers. They provide an ideal solution for bridge repair or for back-up situations when temporary equipment has to be deployed quickly.

The maintenance instructions of durable dust collector:

(1)When using the durable dust collector and accessories together,, you should make the installation solid.

(2)When using the durable tools, correctly handle and keep body stable. Stop using it immediately, if with some unsuitable conditions such as tinnitus, finger hurt, etc.

(3)During using the durable tools, if any abnormal sound and actions, stop using it immediately and release pressure supply. Then do check!

(4)The durable dust collectors should be checked and repaired by specialists. No unload and repair by user himself to avoid damage the accuracy.

(5)After using the air tools, drop 2cc of tools lubrication oil in the inlet, connect air ducts, and lightly press the pressure plate to make the lubrication oil fully into the durable tools.

(6)No air to the outlet directly from air gun, to avoid blowing the dust into the inner of tools.

(7)When not using air tools and accessories, do release pressure and water outlet for the compressor, to ensure all the used air dry. This also can prolong the using life of air compressor and air tools.

Difference between the pneumatic tool and electric tool

(1). pneumatic tool

Light body and weight, less euthermic, long working lift, easy to maintain and cheaper repairing cost.

(2). electric tool

High body and heavy weight, easy to emit heat and dangerous, short working time and life, hard to maintain, and have the explosive danger in the toluene place.

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