Industrial woodshop dust collection system

Industrial woodshop dust collection system

Industrial woodshop dust collection system requires three devices, a pipe system, a fan system, and a filter system. In these three systems, the structure and function of different configurations are different, but the basic principle is the same, just like wearing a mask. The pipe is connected with industrial woodshop dust collection system, and the fan works to make the pipe produce negative pressure suction. One of the most important is the fan configuration and filter bag performance.                    The configuration of the fan is calculated according to the number of machines in the production workshop, which requires professional personnel to calculate the configuration, so that the air volume of the filter interface of each machine is consistent, in order to effectively remove dust. Dust removal filter bag according to different environment choice, different wood shop dust is not the same nature.

Contain sawdust particles flow through the fan to the bag filter in the diversion of storehouse, under the action of the velocity of airflow in the guide plate is reduced, the heavier sawdust particles under the action of gravity, falling into a gray barn, other lighter fine dust currents adsorption on the filter bag looks up, after the bag filter, clean gas into the exhaust chamber side by side in the outside. With the continuous filtration condition, the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the filter bag will be more and more, which will correspondingly increase the operating resistance  and reduce the industrial woodshop dust collection system.   For this reason, the system is equipped with an automatic pulse ash removal device, which is composed of a pulse controller, a pulse valve, a quick coupling, a steam drum and a jet pipe.                             According to the characteristics of sawdust particles, the pulse amplitude and pulse frequency can be set on the pulse controller. After setting the pulse amplitude and frequency.

The industrial woodshop dust collection system in a good condition  will automatically clear the dust of the filter bag in the working process, thus greatly increasing the similar filtration efficiency and extending the service life of the filter bag.

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