vacuum cleaner kmart as good as dyson

vacuum cleaner kmart as good as dyson




Electric vacuum cleaners have been around for 100 years, and for many people they have become an essential household device, for obvious reasons.Current controls motor operation.There is a fan attached to the motor, and the fan blades have a certain Angle, just like the propeller of an airplane.As the fan blades rotate, they push air all the way to the vent.When air particles are pushed forward, the density of particles in front of the fan increases, and the air pressure increases accordingly, while the density of particles behind the fan decreases.The pressure drop behind the fan is the same as the pressure drop in the straw when you sip your drink.The pressure behind the fan is lower than that outside the vacuum cleaner, that is, the ambient air pressure.This creates suction inside the vacuum cleaner, the partial vacuum.Of British origin.

Inside the machine has an electric extractor fan, after electrify at high speed, instant make vacuum forming inside the vacuum, the internal air pressure is much lower than the outside world, in this under the action of pressure difference, dust and dirt with airflow into the vacuum barrel body, and then after dust bag filter, the dirt in the dust bag, purify air, through the motor to escape into the room, have the effect of cooling motor, purify air.

  1. Vacuuming principle.The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaneris driven by the motor at a high speed to discharge the air in the impeller from the fan at a high speed, and at the same time make the air in the suction part continuously supplement the fan.This may wish to form a higher pressure difference with the outside.Dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are sucked into the suction part along with air, and the dust and dirt are collected in the dust cylinder through the leakage device.

2,The original vacuum cleaner.

All vacuum cleaners come with an assembly brush head for cleaning floors and carpets.Suction type vacuum cleaner still can be equipped with a series of clean brush and suction nozzle, so that clean corner, curtain, sofa and aperture are used.

  1. Pipes: all suction vacuum cleanersare equipped with hard pipes to connect soft pipes and accessories for cleaning.

4, electric brush: the cleaning head of the internal vacuum cleaner, is a special part of the hybrid vacuum cleaner.

5, round brush head: also called small suction nozzle, can do 360* rotation, easy to clean furniture, fine mesh fabric.

6, flat suction nozzle: also known as gap suction nozzle, is a long and thin, flat hard suction nozzle.Especially suitable for cleaning wall edges, radiant heating, corners and shallow narrow places.

7, dust brush: made of long and soft mane, suitable for cleaning curtains, walls and so on.

Filtering way

  1. dust bag filtration:

Dust bag type is filtered by filter materials such as dust bag and HEPA, and the dust bag should be changed frequently: the particles with 99.99% size as low as 0.3 micron should be filtered out, and the dust bag should be changed every time after use. The dust bag is used as the filter feature, which is easy to clean and does not need to be cleaned every day.The disadvantage is that as time goes by, the filtering ability of the dust bag will be reduced. The pores of the cloth will open, and the filtering ability will be seriously reduced, which needs to be replaced.

Ii. Dust cup filtration:

Dust cup is filtered by cyclone air duct and filter material such as HEPA with one button for easy cleaning: dust cup is filtered to separate garbage and gas through the high speed rotating vacuum airflow of the motor, and then through filter material such as HEPA to purify air, so as to avoid secondary pollution.The advantage is that you don't have to change the dust bag very often;The disadvantage is to clean up after vacuuming.

Iii. Water filtration

Water filtration the use of water as a filter medium allows most of the dust and microorganisms to be dissolved and locked in the water as they pass through.Advantages are wet and dry dual-use;The disadvantage is to clean up after vacuuming.



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